Tigers eye & Black Onyx Bracelet
Tigers eye & Black Onyx Bracelet

Tigers eye & Black Onyx Bracelet

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Tigers Eye 

Willpower- Good Fortune- Protection
Tigers eye helps the wearer tap into their masculine energy by enhancing their will power. Also known as a protection stone , tigers eye is great to carry when taking on new projects and filling in leadership roles. This stone will also dispel fears & help one to see clearly.

ZODIAC: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn & Leo  CHAKRASacral

" I act in alignment with my values regardless of circumstances " 





Black onyx is known as the stone of strength. Considered a very protective and grounding stone. Increases concentration and determination. Known to aid in learning lessons, self confidence and helping you be calm and at ease in your environment. The precious stone is known for the energy of strong support, stamina and determination. This stone will center your energy and absorbing negative energy away from the wearer.

ZODIAC: Capricorn & Leo                                   CHAKRA: Root



"I have the strength and courage to achieve my goals"